• Yuanhexuan Coffee

    Yuanhexuan is located on the second floor of Building No. 9. It is a cafe where you can have coffee, drinks, and tea as well as find gorgeous tea sets and choice tea for gifts and so on. It has four elegant classic European-style rooms, and the major room has 60 seats.  With a unique style, strong cultural flavor and free Wi-Fi, this low-key yet dainty space is an ideal place for you to socialize with your friends or conduct a business talk. In the cozy and warm afternoons, pick a window seat, listen to the lyrical music, have a cup of coffee or traditional Chinese tea, enjoy the street scenes of Beijing, and immerse yourself in the tranquility– Yuanhexuan is the haven you’re dreaming of!

    Opening hours: 9: 00-24: 00     Tel: 84901668—2506