The Beijing Conference Center is located in Chaoyang District Beiyuan, covering a total area of 518000 square meters, including landscaping accounted for 66% of the total area, the lake covers an area of 46667 square meters. The Beijing Conference Center is a garden-style meeting, accommodation, catering, entertainment and leisure as one of the reception unit, is the fixed-point units provide conference services for the central and the Beijing government organs and the Beijing city government.

The Beijing Convention Center in advocating a return to nature as the design concept, the layout of the building within the center of scattered and orderly, beautiful environment, surrounded by green trees, colorful fountain plaza at night the beautiful and wonderful rocks add radiance and beauty to each other, showing a harmonious scenery. Complete service facilities, human services, allowing you to experience nature everywhere the relaxed and comfortable, stroll among them, a feel fresh.

The Beijing Convention Center 7 existing building guest house, 1000 rooms (sets) rooms, can provide accommodation for 1800 people, including nine building consists of A, B two, a total of 666 rooms (sets), 1248 beds. Guest room floor of the ancient architectural style, elegant; standard room facilities, elegant luxury suites show the classic and comfortable. 5 restaurants matching can also provide 1800 meals, and can hold various size specifications, banquet, cocktail reception, conference etc.. The distinctive Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong, Huai and roasted duck, boiled meat, allowing you to remain within doors tasted Chinese food.

The Beijing Convention Center existing conference hall (room) 55, for meeting different specifications, size at the same time, can accommodate 1800 people in the hall with a large screen, the voter, lifting stage, orchestra and other equipment, can hold large meetings and theatrical performances and other activities.

The Beijing Conference Center, sports and entertainment facilities, tennis, bowling, table tennis, billiards, shuffleboard, archery, swimming, sauna, beauty salons, dance.